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Fireye-MBPF 100s

The MBPF-100S, MB-600PF, MBPF-200S and MBPF-202S modules provide visual indication and electrical output that signal the user regarding flame presence in a combustion chamber.

The module uses Fireye optical ultra-violet scanners and/or flame rod to sense flame presence independently or as components in a burner management system. Many operational characteristics are provided including


  • UL recognized and FM approved-MBPF-100S, MB-600PF
  • FM approved - MBPF-200S, MBPF-202S-220 VAC, 50/60: MBPF-200S, MBPF-202S
  • UV detection or flame rod or both
  • Flame ON LED
  • User controlled Flame Fail LED
  • Analog output test points permits direct reading of flame signal
  • Uses standard 11-pin relay base
  • Panel surface or DIN-rail mounting
  • Remote testing of contacts available
  • Self-check scanner available for MBPF-100S and MB-600PF


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