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Thermco Pilots

Thermco Pilots

Thermco pilots operate on natural, forced, or induced draft combustion systems. These pilots will ignite and maintain a stable flame in air velocities in excess of 6000 FPM and temperatures to 1200 degrees F. These pilots meet the needs of ally types of automated or manual combustion control systems, where stable and strong UV or flame rod signals are required. These pilots have been designed to operate in either a continuous or interrupted pilot system. All stainless steel construction and is can be sold as pilot head only, pilot with spark igniter, and/or pilot with spark igniter and flame rod assembly.



  • #P1-53---Pilot Head 40,000 190,000 btu/hr
  • #P1-A---Pilot with Igniter
  • #P1-B---Pilot with Igniter & Flame Rod
  • #P2-60---Pilot Head 22,000 118,000 btu/hr
  • #P2-A---Pilot with Igniter
  • #P2-B---Pilot with Igniter and Flame Rod


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