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Burner Management Capabilities

MSS represents Fireye, the finest in flame safeguard technology and burner management capabilities with BurnerLogix. Our qualified and experienced partners allow us to evaluate, consult and commission burner management protocols for you.

The Fireye® BurnerLogix™ System is a microprocessor based burner management control system designed to provide the proper burner sequencing, ignition and flame monitoring protection on automatically ignited oil, gas, and combination fuel burners. In conjunction with limit and operating controls, it programs the burner/blower motor, ignition and fuel valves to provide for proper and safe burner operation. Through SMART LED'S, the control provides current operating status and lockout information in the event of a safety shutdown. Optional VFD and LCD displays are available that may be either plugged in or mounted remotely to give full language descriptors of current status and diagnostic lockout information. Refer to BurnerLogix PROGRAMMER SELECTION later in this document for the various combinations of programmer and display modules.

A complete BurnerLogix system includes the YB110 (YB230) chassis equipped with the type of flame amplifier required for the application, appropriate flame detector, plug-in programmer module, wiring base and optional alpha-numeric display. Interchangeable programmer modules allow for complete versatility in selection of function, timing and flame failure response times.
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