• Non-Fouling Spark Tip
  • Removable Spark Tip
  • Application Flexibility
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Safe Operation

Forney- High Energy Spark Igniter

Forney High Energy Spark Igniter provides a highly reliable, non-fouling source of ignition for oil or gas igniters or small burners

The High Energy Spark Igniter (HESI) is a Class 3 Igniter used for direct spark ignition of oil or gas igniters or small burners. Forney’s HESI provides a highly reliable source of ignition for a wide range of industry igniters utilizing a 12 joule source of energy delivered to the spark tip (3 sparks per second) which easily ignites the fuel.

The power unit is packaged in a NEMA-4 or 4X enclosure suitable for wall mounting at the burner front as a standard. Additional enclosures are available to meet specific application demands. The power unit develops 12 joules of energy delivered to the spark tip through the use of heavy duty electrical components. It has a 50% duty cycle at temperatures up to 135°F (57°C) ambient.