Flow Computers and Batch Controllers

Power Pack HESI-UTC

FLOW BATCH CONTROLLERS are special purpose instruments which are intended to be used in conjunction with a flow sensor and control valve to dispense a desired amount of a fluid into a container, tank, or vehicle. In some cases the temperature may also be used to estimate the fluid density from stored fluid properties.

Our batch controllers are capable of Batch Overrun Compensation, Two-Stage Batching, Slow Fill, Count Mode, as well providing for a variety of other functions such as printing and remote start/stop.

FLOW COMPUTERS satisfy the instrument requirements for a variety of pulse-producing flowmeter types in liquid applications.

Alphanumeric displays show measured and calculated parameters in an easy to understand format. Single key direct access to measurements and display scrolling is supported. An EZ-

Setup feature rapidly guides the user through the basic setup. Flow Computers can be programmed for rate/total indication or batching. The various pulse inputs and outputs can be “soft” assigned to meet a variety of common application needs. The user “soft selects” the usage of each feature while configuring the instrument. A 0-20mA or 4-20mA analog output is standard.