• Large 3.5” LCD Screen
  • Detector Resolution 320 x 240 – SuperResolution 640 x 480
  • <50 mK NETD sensitivity
  • High Temperature Option 1022oF
  • TwinPix image blending
  • Customizable Reporting Software
  • Voice Annotation

Testo 882 Thermal Camera; Sensitivity, resolution and performance

Industrial and Commercial Preventive Maintenance applications are some of the most demanding work environments for use of a thermal camera. The 882 utilizes a proven design, with features that are used all day, every day. The high sensitivity 50 mK and resolution 320 x 240 make this light weight camera extremely versatile in any inspection program.

With additional features like TwinPix image blending, Isotherms and Lens Protection Glass to provide another level of assurance and flexibility to one of your most powerful inspection tools.