MAF/RF Pickups

MAF/RF Pickups

PREMIUM MAGNETIC PICKUPS are suited for harsh environments and will provide years of reliable service. These pickups are hermetically sealed for resistance to moisture and other atmospheric contamination and can withstand repeated thermo cycling in temperatures ranging from -450°F to 450°F.

These types of pickups are routinely used in cryogenics due to their ability to operate dependably at extremely low temperatures for long periods of time.

Features like glass-sealed connectors, unique internal potting, and high quality magnets that resist demagnetization make these pickups the best choice for demanding environments. We offer pickups with varying temperature ranges, sensitivity, body size, style, and connector types to cost effectively meet all applications.

Humbucking pickups are dual coil versions of premium series pickups and feature the same materials and construction methods.

Intrinsically Safe is an increasingly popular. approach for a large number of customers. We are certified to manufacture intrinsically safe versions of almost any pickup we offer and they are certified by CSA (with NRTLlC) and CENELEC for the most stringent hazardous locations.

Modulated Carrier (RF) pickups require coupling with the PA100lA series preamp or other modulated carrier amplifier for square wave output.

Digipulse pickups offer digital output at low cost for interfacing directly with data acquisition systems.