Variable Area Flowmeter

Variable Area Flowmeter

VARIABLE AREA FLOWMETERS are frequently used in military, aerospace, chemical, petrochemical, water treatment, and waste treatment industries.

The Series 2000 Variable Area Flowmeter is a rugged industrial flowmeter available in a wide range of liquid and gas flow rates. The Series 2000 family includes flowmeters with scale lengths of 150mm and 250mm, providing accuracies to ±1% of flow rate. Materials of construction are available for the most corrosive process applications.

The Series 2600 (Single Stage) and the Series 4600 (Multi-Stage) 600mm flowmetering panels offer the highest precision available in our product line of variable area flowmeters. The Variable Area Flowmeter line has available capacities. of 2.8 cc/ min up to 180 GPM for liquid or 100 cc/min to 750 SCFM for gas. Suited for temperatures up to 250°F / 121°C, the variable area flowmeter line can be mounted in-line or as a panel installation. Connections are available as NPT or MS and Vertical/Horizontal Flange.

The variable area flowmeter series has a standard calibrated accuracy of ±2% full scale for the 250mm meter and ± 1% rate for the 600mm meter.

Optionally, the 600mm meter is available with ± 0.5 % rate accuracy. Length of the flowmeter varies by series and model. 150mm (Model 2150); 250mm (Model 2250); 600mm (Model 2600). Graduation is shown as a direct reading on detachable scale with millimeter graduation on tube.