Positive Displacement Flowmeters


Positive Displacement Flowmeters

The force of liquid moving through the flowmeter drives the measuring gears and the liquid stream is divided into the fixed volume cavities between the gear teeth and the metering body.

The FMG Series positive displacement flowmeter is used with low, medium, or high viscosity fluids. Used in numerous hydraulic test stands, aerospace, automotive, and petrochemical industries, the FMG is well suited for batch mixing and lube oil blending.

The FMG Series flowmeters are available from 1/4” to 1-1/2”.

Maximum operating pressure: 6000 psi
Temperature limits: -40° F to 400° F
Flow range: .01 – 110 GPM

In all FM, FMT, FMP, and FMG Series flowmeters, the pulse or frequency outputs are processed by secondary instruments ranging from a basic signal conditioner, indicator/ totalizer, to more complex flow computers which compensate for temperature, pressure, density, and viscosity, and provide accurate volumetric or mass flow measurement.