Ranges: Liquid 0.3 – 50 FPS;
Gas 1.0 – 100 FPS

Turbine Flowmeters

FM SERIES FLOWMETERS are used for numerous applications in a variety of industries such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and automotive. FM Series turbine flowmeters are especially well suited for custody transfer of fluids in high-temperature, high-pressure, and high-shock applications.

FM Series flowmeters are available in a variety of sizes from 0.5” to 12”. The FM Series flowmeter offers a high tum-down with minimum uncertainty and very repeatable output. FMT SERIES FLOWMETERS are capable of measuring extremely low flow rates (0.002 GPM in liquids and 0.01 ACFM in gases). The FMT flowmeter is a unique volumetric device which uses a dual-orifice design to direct a stream of fluid tangent to a low mass/balanced rotor and a precision bearing to provide maximum sensitivity. This geometry also eliminates the need for flow straighteners and allows for greater repeatability.

FMP SERIES INSERTION FLOWMETER prime application is large diameter pipes or ducts where traditional flow meter equipment is bulky, expensive, or difficult to maintain. FMP Series are well suited in applications exhibiting high-pressure drop characteristics and/or limited flow ranges where “in-line” flow meters would not be suitable.