Enclosure are available for outdoor, weatherproof, and hazardous locations.

Ratemeters & Totalizers

RATEMETERS are utilized for rate, total, or blending applications. This is a general purpose instrument which conditions the electrical signal generated by the flowmeter and scales the resulting flow information into a flow rate and flow total display in the units of measure desired by the end user. Additional functionality such as alarms, analog output, pulse output, and serial communications may also be provided.

Rate/Totalizers are available to work with most flowmeter types and most common electrical signals produced by flowmeters. In some cases an amplifier or signal conditioner may be necessary. Non-linearity corrections are available in some units.

Separate K-factors (calibration points) can be programmed to compensate for changes in K-factor with flow rates. Linearization is useful in improving the accuracy of the flowmeter. Serial communication is used to transmit information between two computers or between a computer and a printer. There are several commonly used standard hardware interfaces such as RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485. There are also a variety of communication protocols, or message formats, which are used.