• Rugged Construction
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Internal Cooling Baffle
  • Convenient Installation
  • Ease of Mounting

Hagan Sample Cooler Styles 374901-001 and 374901-002

The Hagan Model 503 Sample Cooler is an efficient counterflow heat exchanger designed for cooling high temperature, high-pressure fluid samples such as boiler water, steam, feedwater and hot chemical solutions for tests at atmospheric pressure and temperature.

The Hagan Model 503 Sample Cooler (cooling coil) is a tube-in-shell design, counter-flow type heat exchanger which mounts in a vertical position on wall brackets or in the piping. High-temperature fluids are introduced at the top sample connection. Cooled samples are taken from the bottom sample connection. Cooling water, which must be flowing before the sample fluid is introduced at the bottom cooling water sample connection, exits in a counter-flow direction from the respective top connection. Elevated temperatures and high pressures (above 750°F and 6000 psig) are accommodated by heat radiating piping and pressure breakdown valves upstream of the sample inlet. This equipment is provided by others. Refer to Figure 2 for heat radiating piping requirements for limited temperature rating of 750°F at sample cooler.