• Oxygen and combustibles measurements
  • Integral or remote-mounted
  • Fully field-repairable
  • Optional factory built auto-calibration panel
  • The first and only oxygen and combustibles analyzer to support FOUNDATION fieldbus

OCX 8800-Oxygen/Combustibles Transmitter

The OCX 8800 is fully field-repairable. The probe’s design provides convenient access to internal probe components and electronics so technicians can service the unit in-house. The sensing cell and heater/thermocouple are fully field-replaceable. We offer sample probes in different materials and lengths up to 9 feet for flue gas temperatures up to 2600°F (1427°C).

The power of this rugged and reliable design coupled with the inherent advantages of FOUNDATION Fieldbus makes the OCX 8800 unmatched in overall performance. The ability to get real time diagnostic information as well as the measurement variables over the Fieldbus data highway makes the use of this analytical device even easier.