IN SITU FLUE GAS OXYGEN TRANSMITTER The new standard for combustion flue gas analysis

By maintaining the ideal level of oxygen, the flue gases coming from these processes, optimal efficiency is gained, and the lowest level of NOX, CO, and CO2 are produced.

This in situ design places a zirconium oxide sensing element at the end of a probe, which inserts directly into a flue gas stream. There are no moving parts or sampling apparatus, resulting in an extremely reliable analyzer that requires very little maintenance. Probe lengths are available from 18″ to 12′, and a slip mounting option provides the ability to mount a long probe at any insertion depth. Heavy wall probe tubes are available for applications where fly-ash erosion is a problem. Accessories are available for process temperatures above 700蚓 to 1050蚓.

On-board electronics provides heater control and signal conditioning, resulting in a linear 4-20 mA signal representing flue gas oxygen. Electronics temperature specification is 85蚓 (185蚌). No special signal cable is required. HART® 475 communicator or AMS can be used for setup, calibration, and diagnostics.