• Single or Dual input measurement
  • Dual input in any combination of pH, ORP, contacting conductivity, or dissolved oxygen
  • Versatile, backlit graphical display
  • Infrared PC & Pocket PC configuration
  • Optional input from Honeywell remote digital preamplifiers and Durafet Cap Adapters
  • Isolated inputs and outputs
  • CSA Type 4X (NEMA 4) enclosure
  • Multilanguage prompts
  • Two analog outputs standard plus one additional optional
  • Two electromechanical relays standard plus two additional optional
  • Real Time clock for Auto and History functions
  • Auto Clean/Auto Cal functions

Universal Dual Analyzer/UDA2182

The UDA2182 Universal Dual Analyzer is a new, economical, dual input analyzer addition to Honeywell’s Smart Sensor product family.

The analyzer can accept single or dual inputs from Honeywell pH, ORP, contacting conductivity and dissolved oxygen sensors. For dual units the inputs can be ordered in any combination.