• Simple, reliable, cost effective
  • Ppb levels detection
  • No maintenance required, no need for re-calibration
  • Autonomous version (solar panel)
  • Immediate operation

Cairsens Sensor

CAIRSENS SENSOR is an integrated system consisting of a compact measuring cell (amperometric, but also NDIR, PID…), a dynamic air sampler with a patented filter, and an electronic circuit allowing measurement of the smallest variations in concentration levels.

Using a gas specific inlet filter combined with our dynamic air sampling system technology, a reliable measurement is achieved by limiting the effect of humidity variations. The high quality of our Cairsens© allows specific measurement, comparable to the reference methods (notably by the USEPA, the JRC, etc.). The compact size of the Cairsens© along with its very low power consumption allows them to be easily positioned and set up outside for several days (Cairtub©), or integrated with our autonomous and wireless communicating stations for real-time data access (Cairnet©).