FIREYE® Series D40-41 Burner Management Controls provide ignition and flame failure protection for manually started oil or gas burners.

Plug-in Amplifier Modules permit the selection of ultraviolet, repetitive self-check ultra-violet, AUTOCHECK infrared, or rectification methods of flame detection.

The control system includes a safe start check, effective on each start. If flame signal(real or simulated) is detected, the unit cannot be started. For increased safety and reliability, Fireye72D1R3 AUTOCHECK infrared amplifier (using the pulsing flame signal) and 72DUVS ultraviolet amplifier (using a scanner shutter) check the function of the flame detecting system for component failure during each burner firing cycle. Meter test jacks on each amplifier module provide flame signal readout with a DC voltmeter. Flame failure response time is four seconds (max.). When amplifier modules with T suffix are used, the flame failure response time is reduced to one second (max).

The control provides three SPDT and one SPNO load switches for external loads and starting circuits. Fireye D40-41 Burner Management controls may be adapted to a simple control system or as a building block with auxiliary devices to provide additional functions.