• Infrared Sensor
  • Ultraviolet Sensor
  • Flame Relayli>
  • Fault Relay
  • 4-20 mA Outputli>
  • Modulation Frequency Selections
  • Memory Files
  • Communications

INSIGHTII Scanner Type95Dss3 Integrated Flame Scanner

The Fireye® InSight® II Type 95DSS3 flame scanners are microprocessor-based flame scanners utilizing solid-state infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) sensors.

The InSight II scanners utilize advanced techniques for discrimination and integrate the flame detection, amplification, safety determination and flame switch functions into a single detection head.

No separate amplifier or flame switch module is therefore required to interface with the main burner management system. InSight II incorporates the superior detection and discrimination elements of the popular InSight product with additional enhanced capability, features and benefits. The scanner measures the amplitude of the modulations (the flame “flicker”) that occur within the targeted flame. During the scanner set-up procedure, the modulation frequency that yields the best flame ON/OFF discrimination is selected. The appropriate modulation frequency and sensor gain can be either manually or automatically selected.