C7012A,C,E,F,G Solid State Purple Peeper Ultraviolet Flame Detectors

The C7012A,C,E,F,G Flame Detectors are solid-state electronic devices for sensing the ultraviolet radiation emitted during combustion of most carbon-containing fuels such as natural gas, LP gas, and oil.


  • Used with the Honeywell controls using the flame rectification principle.
  • C7005 A is for continuous pilot applications. It includes an insulated flame rod, properly positioned relative to the flame retention type nozzle.
  • Solid-state electronic circuitry provides low power consumption and high reliability
  • Solid-state models directly replace previous models with vacuum electron tube circuitry.
  • Detectors can be mounted horizontally, vertically or at any angle. The self-checking C7012E,F models require faceplate alignment and have integral locating reference points to assure proper shutter mechanism operation.
  • Ultraviolet radiation sensing tube and quartz viewing window are field replaceable.
  • Threaded conduit fitting and color-coded leadwires allow rapid electrical installation.
  • Two flame detectors can be wired in parallel to reduce nuisance shutdowns in difficult flame sighting applications.
  • A swivel mount is available to facilitate flame sighting
  • Models are available with a -40蚌 (-40蚓) rating.
  • Designed for use with Honeywell Flame Safeguard Controls using Honeywell Rectification (R7247A, R7289A, R7847A1082) and Ampli-Check. Rectification (R7247B, R7847B1072) Flame Signal Amplifiers.
  • C7012G models available to meet BGC (British) and DIN (German) requirements.
  • Incorporate UV sensor tube checking feature; used with Honeywell Dynamic Self-Check (R7247C, R7847C) Flame Signal Amplifiers