c7005A,B Gas Pilot and Flame Rod Assemblies

The C7005A,B Gas Pilot Burner Assemblies include a flame rod to prove the pilot flame. The assemblies are used with a suitable flame safeguard control on industrial or commercial gas burners or oil burners with gas pilots.


  • Used with the Honeywell controls using the flame rectification principle.
  • C7005 A is for continuous pilot applications. It includes an insulated flame rod, properly positioned relative to the flame retention type nozzle.
  • C7005B Is similar to C7005A, but includes an ignition electrodes suitable for automatic, electric-spark ignition, gas pilot applications.
  • Individually mounted flame rod and ignition electrode in ceramic insulators allow the head assembly to fit inside a 3-inch pipe.
  • Stainless steel fins on the flame retention type pilot head provide the correct ratio of flame rod area to ground area for maximum flame signal, and are beneficial in stabilizing the pilot flame.
  • Pilot flame retention nozzle and mixing tube are threaded internally, 1/2-14 NPT and 3/8—18 NpT, respectively, and can be assembled with standard pipe fittings..
  • Pilot can be installed in vertical, horizontal, or inclined position.
  • Rajah connectors facilitate electrical connections