EC7823A;RM7823A 7800 SERIES Relay Modules

The Honeywell EC/RM7823A Relay Module is a microprocessor based flame detector relay that can be fitted with any 7800 SERIES Flame Amplifier to provide relay action from one dpdt relay when flame is or is not present. The EC/RM7823A system consists of a relay module, wiring subbase and flame amplifier. Options include keyboard display module (KDM), personal computer interface, Data ControlBus Module., remote display mounting and Combustion System Manager. Software.

Functions provided by the EC/RM7823A include flame monitoring, self-diagnostics and troubleshooting.The EC/RM7823A is a solid state replacement for the R7023B,C Flame Detector Relays.

The EC7823/RM7823 is a flame detector relay only. A switchable primary control must be used to provide safe-start check, safety lockout, load switching and other functions required in Flame Safeguard systems.